What do we do?    We bridge the gap between not knowing and knowing.


Thanks for visiting us. We appreciate your time so we will cut to the chase, literally! Among a host of services, we target offenders of infidelity, insurance fraud, and child custody issues including abuse and co-habitation. We work with insurance companies to provide documentation and video of fraud. In other words, "I have lower back problems, I can't work." Oh really, then why did the Amark Agency shoot video of you wheelbarrowing and spreading mulch for two hours? Anyhow, we take fraud very seriously. For more, read "about us." We chase down cheating husbands and wives so our clients can have their lives back by satisfying their right to know the truth and confirming the lies.WE do criminal cases Civil cases as well. Background checks and Locates also.


When do we do it?    All hours just for you!

Based on our vast experience we make suggestions to refine the surveillance, and, listen to your assessments to choose the best windows of opportunity.

How do we do it?         Successfully!

We patiently and covertly place the subject under surveillance. When they leave, we follow! When they commit fraud, infidelity, abuse, or just lie we videotape it. Our investigators are ultra competitive, and will win! Not by all means but within the integrity of our agency and the well-being of our client.



Why do we do it?          Because we know you want to know!

Heck, it's fun!  90% of our clients ask us if they could work for us. We love what we do and want to share the love, at a reasonable cost. We won't bilk you like some of the others, trust us!

Shamless promotion section...

 "I have worked with the Amark Agency for several years and have always received professional and prompt attention to my cases. I would recommend them to my clients anytime!" - Wiley Parker, Attorney, Henry and Beaver Law Firm.  http://www.henrybeaver.com/

"Amark Investigative Services has been my agency of choice for over a decade. Their ability to provide accurate and reliable information has been of great value to me and my clients. Call them and you won't be disappointed!"' -Mary Burchik, Partner, Buzgon Davis Law Firm http://buzgondavis.com/

"Even though the assignment I gave Amark was several states away from me, their response was outstanding, as well as communications on updates, needs and suggestions.  They will be on the top of my list for any claims I have in that area in the future." - Mike Holt, Special Investigations Unit, Erie Insurance


PALI-Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators


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